Sure, you know that we have been working hard all summer long. New store, new website, new line of vintage inspired University of Kentucky apparel, but what you don't know yet is that we have formed a partnership with the fastest growing, fully student ran philanthropy in the SEC.  DanceBlue.

Most folks know DanceBlue as a 24 dance marathon at UK that raises over $1.5 million for childhood cancer annually, but what they don't know are the faces behind DanceBlue. This initiative is ran by 150 UK students, who from first hand-experience are extremely passionate about what they do. I seem to remember my time at UK a bit differently. More Pizza, more couch burnings, less responsibility, but these young adults are different. They pour themselves into the year long initiative that culminates in one full day and night of dancing 'For the Kids'. It's impressive. 

Take a few minutes, watch this video, follow them on Facebook and Instagram and hold tight for an announcement of what is coming next!