Bourbon Barrel Wares

Bourbon Barrel Cuff Links

Class it up with some reclaimed bourbon barrel cuff links. Learn More

$ 30.00

Bourbon Barrel Earrings

Handmade from reclaimed Kentucky Bourbon Barrels. Backing is made from hypo-allergenic/nickel free silver plating. Earrings approx. 5/16″ in diameter. Learn More

$ 30.00

Bourbon Barrel Necklace

Take a piece of home wherever you go! Handmade from reclaimed Kentucky bourbon barrels. Learn More

$ 30.00

Drink beer from here. pint glass

Local beer is the best kind of beer. Drink beer from here y'all. Learn More

$ 8.00

Kentucky Bourbon Rocks Glass

How do you like your bourbon? In a glass. Perfect for the Kentuckian that loves their bourbon. Learn More

$ 12.50

Lucky Kentuckian pint glass

Top o' the mornin' to ya, ya Lucky Kentuckian. Only fill with green beer. Learn More

$ 8.00