We Believe in Kentucky

 Kentucky is the greatest state in the Union. This is a fact.

We launched this apparel company to cater to one type of folk. The Kentuckian. Near and far, former and new. We believe that life is better in the Bluegrass. We know that Kentuckians slap the meanest high fives and party hardest in the in-field. We play a pretty good basketball game, make the sweetest glass of tea and deep fry a mean bird. We know that bourbon isn't bourbon if it isn't made within these state borders. Our horses are quicker, our craft beer is colder, our bluegrass music actually is picked in the bluegrass. From Louisville to Lexington, Pikeville to Paducah, United we stand, divided we fall. So, united we will stand for all things that make everyday a good day to be a Kentuckian. 


Size Chart

We want you to find the right size the first time! Please reference the size chart below and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about sizing! We want you to love your ware!