Blue Friday 2020

We have officially arrived! Blue Friday 2020 is here and it is a bit different than our normal program! We will not be having our annual Blue Friday in-person event this year and our store is closed, but PeeWee and the crew have the warehouse clean, organized, and ready to ship out wares quicker than a Wildcats fast break. 

Even without the in-person shopping, this stands to be our best sale of the year! With different and deep discounts, free wares, and new arrivals daily, we are pulling out all of the stops for Blue Friday 2020! Stay tuned with our social media over the weekend as we document the craziness and announce different deals and coupon codes daily. So, let's get this show on the road for Friday! 

Blue Friday - 11/27/20 12AM

Blue Friday day one is inventory day! What's that you ask? This means we are restocking as much merchandise as possible and if you have something you want, this is the day to get it before it is gone! We are going to try to keep stock all day long! Unfortunately - Some licensed UK products and specialized inventory may not be restocked due to supply chain issues with the pandemic, but overall if there was a day to get something, this is it! We will restock the site at 12:00AM on Friday, November 27th! 

The Deals!

25% OFF everything online at
FREE Shipping on every order over $50

Christmas Movie Saturday (Small Business Saturday) - 11/28/20 8AM
Details coming soon.

Flash Sale Sunday - 11/29/20 8AM
Details coming soon. 

Kentucky Monday - 11/30/20 6AM
Details coming soon.