UPDATE 3/12/20

Hey All! Rick and Joni here! We just wanted to take a moment and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our small business during this trying time for our nation and the world. We appreciate all the kind words, messages, and comments on social media. 

We made the decision to be one of the first businesses in Kentucky to voluntarily shut its doors to encourage social distancing on March 12. While it has been difficult not sharing and seeing our customers in person at the three locations, we felt it necessary. On March 15, we made the decision to send our staff on paid leave. Again, not an easy decision, but one in the best interest of public safety, the safety of employees, and the safety of our customers. Since then, Joni and I have been working tirelessly at the warehouse day in and day out to keep coming out with products to make you laugh and smile, support causes for COVID-19 relief efforts, and even support small local businesses through our local t-shirt initiative For Love of Kentucky. 

We are so proud to be a part of this community of Kentucky and seeing how even apart we have all come together for a greater cause. We are normally a staff of 30 hard working Kentuckians, but with the times, we are down to just us running this whole thing. We couldn't thank you enough for your continued support as we try to find our way in a very difficult time for small business. With that, we ask for your patience as we navigate this new territory! Supply chains are shutting down, so we are having to be creative in how we source our buttery soft wares and while it is just us, we are asking for a little extra time to get your wares to you. We are working as quickly as possible and truly appreciate your enthusiasm and support during these times. PeeWee our courier pony is still running and we will keep on doing what we love! So, thank you, thank you, thank you for everything. 

UPDATE 5/5/2020

Well that was a crazy two months y'all. We have been working non-stop, 7 days a week to try and get through this thing! Our stores have been closed since March 12th prior to the order to close non-essential retail businesses by the Governor, and now with a new mandate and retail businesses being set to be able to reopen on May 20th, we are receiving a lot of questions about how/when/if the stores will reopen so we want to address what OUR plan is for retail. 

Shop Local Kentucky Bowling Green & Covington

For now, they will remain closed for the foreseeable future. Because they are in different areas of the state and we are limited on remaining staff, we simply do not have to capacity to restock, clean, sanitize, and open these stores. We also do not feel comfortable putting our staff in a situation where social distancing measures may not be able to be upheld as they are small stores in tight quarters. We value our staff more than that and think this opening date is probably a bit ambitious given the current data. Further, even if we open, we don't feel it is okay yet to ask our customers to come to a space that is small and may not be able to reopen in a way that is safe and healthy for all. 

Shop Local Kentucky Flagship Store - Lexington

The flagship store will be reopening after the May 20th date, but only for curbside, contactless, pickup service. You will be able to order online and pickup after the order has been prepared and sent to the store from our warehouse daily. Once you arrive, a staff member wearing a mask and gloves will deliver the order to the trunk of your car for completely contactless shopping. We are hoping to get this moving quickly, but are still working through the logistics as our website is not setup for this type of transaction. 


UPDATE 5/21/20

The Shop Local Kentucky Warehouse (Online Shopping)

Thank you all for continuing to purchase online. It has been a trying time for Joni and I, but also our staff who has been at home or working remotely for the majority of this last two months. We have finally been able to safely bring some staff back to begin expediting our orders. We have been on an 8-12 day turnaround time and hope with the measures we have put into place that we can begin shipping most orders same day once again. We are very close to being back to our quick turnaround times that our customers have been custom to with SLK. 

We have taken measures including moving the production floor around to make appropriate social distance between employees, all of our employees are wearing non-medical masks while in the building, have been provided with sanitizer, and we have began taking temperatures at the door. All that to say, we are close to being back to full operation and the new normal of our shipping times is getting back to pre-pandemic times. We are continuing to ship orders for free with code: ILoveKY

Thanks so much for the support and patience during this time. It has been crazy, but we are making it work! If you need anything at all or would like to speak to someone about your order, you can reach us at hello@thekyshop.com.

Stay happy, stay healthy! We are in this together! 

Rick & Joni