Hey all! So, we know this isn't a perfect system, but we don't have time for perfect and helping small businesses raise funds RIGHT NOW is the name of the game. So, we have come up with this initiative, "For the Love of Kentucky" and here is how it will work. 

At the basis of this, we are allowing you all to preorder a t-shirt, sell to your social media following and customers, then we will print and send you the shirts, but here is the long explanation of how we see this being successful and helping out. 

While we would love to sell these shirts directly to our customers through our website, we simply can't due to the logistics and tax implications. HOWEVER, here is how it will work:

A small business that is being affected by the COVID-19 closures or suspension of regular business can fill out the form below, which includes their logo, shirt colors to choose from, and ink colors. Once we get that form, our designers will go to work mocking up a photorealistic shirt with your logo and the Shop Local Kentucky logo small below it with the words "For the love of Kentucky". We will send that to you via email and you can begin spreading the word to your following and customers. 

We ask that you sell a minimum of 50 shirts. I would suggest having a cutoff date for the preorders and accepting payments through Venmo, Cashapp, PayPal, or if you have an online presence you can load the shirt to your website. The shirts are to be sold for $25 each to maximize the impact, but if you would like to make less on it, that is your choice. 

Once you end your preorder period and have cash in hand (upfront), you will send us sizes and we will send you an invoice for $10 per shirt sold. For that $10, that covers the shirt cost for premium blend blank tees (NOTE: These are not SLKY tees and won't have the logo patch - our branded tees are much more expensive and wouldn't be feasible to use), ink costs, screen costs, chemicals to coat and reclaim our screens, keeping the utilities on and our gas dryers going, and lastly to help us pay our designers *working from home* and staff we may need to bring back from paid leave in order to handle the capacity of this. That means you could make $15 a shirt - Sell 100 and that could be rent for some folks! 

Once the invoice is paid, we will get to work. We will print your order as quickly as we can but don't have a clue on turn around times since we have never done anything like this. Once your order is complete, we will pack it up and ship it to you (for free - that's part of the $10) to distribute how you would like - Keeping social distancing first and foremost. 

So, that's it. We know it's not perfect, but it is something. Further, we encourage you to have your customers share their support through social media once they get their shirts and hopefully create a wave of local love and free advertising as well! We have no clue how this is going to go or how long we will be able to sustain with a limited staff and tightening restrictions on businesses. We will go as hard and as long as we can! I will try and update this page with frequently asked questions as we get them since our customer service is also limited!

LASTLY! We will be building a community around this on Instagram and sharing each t-shirt we do, so hopefully to reach people outside of your customers and following and raise awareness! FOLLOW ALONG AT Instagram.com/ForTheLoveOfKentucky.