The Shop Local Fit Challenge 2021 is here! So, here are the details! The challenge will run from April 20-May 20. Participants will be expected to do the following to complete the challenge:

  • WORKOUT! A 30 minute workout 4 times per week. This is a workout, not walking to get a donut! If you ain't sweating, you ain't working out! This can be power walking, jogging, weight lifting, yoga, basically anything that gets you moving! You will be accountable for yourself and while it is not required, we strongly encourage posting stories/posts for accountability!
  • GET CLEAN! Make your bed every single morning. This is a silly thing, but we personally embarked on it and for whatever reason, it just makes the day, so we added that in here and we are VERY serious about it! 
  • EAT CLEAN AND LOCAL! This is not a diet plan nor are we (as an apparel brand) qualified to give you diet advice, so instead we are strongly encouraging participants to cut out fast food for the entire month if possible. We get that isn't easy or convenient, but instead take that money and spend it at a local restaurant instead! 
  • POST! Post about the challenge! Tag us @ShopLocalKy on instagram and use the hashtag #ShopLocalFit in stories and posts. We want to share you all getting fit!

That's it! You complete the challenge, you get a free shirt! In the meantime, snag the official challenge 2021 tee HERE (This isn't the free one and not required, just a cool tee to workout in), then once you complete the challenge you will get a free tee with a different design that shows you completed it! We will also be adding exclusive workout wares and goodies along the way!

Lastly, we will be sending out our closed Facebook group to those that are participating, so you can network with one another, share workouts, ask us questions and become workout buds with Joni and me!