When we started Shop Local Kentucky in our garage in 2013, we began from a place of inspiration from the past. The idea of home. Something comfortable, broken in, a place of love, care, and warmth. We began making designs and printing with inks that mirrored the apparel we had grown to love from our childhood. For me, it was a Birdhouse skateboard shirt I had since the late 90's. I can remember sitting and looking at the broken, faded, print and trying desperately mimic the look on our printing press. Ink after ink, print after print. We became obsessed with sourcing materials that reminded us of those buttery soft tees and sweatshirts that had been worn in, then printing using only high quality inks. 

Over the years, the brand has changed. Our message has changed. We as people have changed. We have grown into several warehouses and stores, but we have always upheld the original idea that a higher quality product, inspired by the past, ethically sourced, and printed with a soft hand would be the core of who we are. Vintage inspired means home for us. We make apparel that reflects the idea of our Old Kentucky Home, but also looks and feels like something warm, cozy, and loving. Something familiar, whether a place, time, or idea that Kentuckians near and far can relate to. We hope our inspiration becomes a conversation piece for our customers or something that makes them feel home no matter where they are in the world. This is still our passion and we love what we do.