We like to keep things simple around here and for years now, we have been unnecessarily overcomplicating Black Friday and Cyber Monday with different tiers of sales and in-person massive events in order to compete with the big box stores. It wasn't so simple.

So, this year we are combining our best sales of the year into one weekend of deals!

The Black Friday Weekend will begin on Friday Morning at midnight, so if you skipped the Turkey and went for the Wild Turkey, we will gladly cater to your midnight shopping needs, but this will be going on all weekend long, so maybe you won't have the whole bottle at once and stay toasty all weekend long with us! The sale runs all weekend and we are guaranteeing stock so you don't have to shop early!

The Black Friday Sale Weekend 2023!

30% OFF All T-shirts 
50% OFF All Sweatshirts
25% OFF Headwear

Plus, this year we heard y'all and we are keeping PeeWee's Free Shipping for purchases over $35! 

November 20, 2023 — Rick Paynter