The Kentucky Shop

The Kentucky Shop Flagship Store

A true labor of love. Our flagship retail location has a storied history of housing small businesses with it's humble beginnings in the early 1920's as Ray Boots Service Station and auto repair shop. When we renovated the building in 2020, we found the receipts and cashed checks that prove that old Ray Boots was quite the entrepreneur through the great depression changing oil, filling folks up with fuel, and repairing Lexington's automobiles. Ray's original building came down and in 1954 our old shop was built to house a horse feed and supply business. At that same time, our office and production space was purchased by Bob Mickler where he began selling tack and feed retail out of the front and wholesale out of the back. The retail location survived 2 generations when they closed in 2017 and we purchased the buildings. Most folks have driven past our galloping carnival horse sign over the years that dates back to the 1920's and still stands today as an icon of Lexington history. After having retail locations across the state in Louisville, Covington, Bowling Green, we settled into our final location in to Old Ray's spot in downtown Lexington, and now call it our forever home! 

Swing by and see us at 1099 W. High Street. We are open Tuesday-Saturday 11AM-5PM.