Well, it is here y'all! The Kentucky Shop Yard Sale! I wanted to run down what we thought may be some frequently asked questions so that y'all could shop without sweating the details! 

First OFF - This is our biggest annual summer sale! We have two true sales per year and that is it! Now let's dig into some of your questions.

Will the merchandise online be at the in-person warehouse sale?

NO! The yard sale exclusives will not be at the in-person sale. The in-person sale will be old stock and inventory that we are clearing out of our store and warehouse, while the yard sale online is all backstock, blank Kentucky Shop apparel that we will be printing until we run out of those particular items! 

Can I return things bought on the sale?

No, sorry! We can exchange any regular priced in-stock item that is purchased at 25%, but we can not exchange or refund any of the yard sale exclusives, or items at the in-person sale. IF we did, we could not do sales like this, so work with us a little here, eh? 

What kinda stuff will be at the in-person sale? 

ALL Kinds. We will have our remaining University of Kentucky discontinued inventory, all kinds of seasonal Kentucky Shop apparel, collegiate apparel, discontinued hats, and tons of home goods we have discontinued from the shop! This is the one time of the year, we are ready to move out the old, and in with the new as we kick off our busiest time of the year! Help us out! 

Where is the in-person sale?

The in-person sale will be at The Kentucky Shop Warehouse. (1093 West High Street) The warehouse is located adjacent to the store (look for the building with the logo on it), and OFF Robertson avenue in the back of the building. The FRONT of the building will be locked, so please find your way to the bay door at the rear of the building for shopping. You will pass our Dolly Parton mural, so snag a pic with Dolly while you're there! 

How long does the sale go?

It kicks off online at 10AM EST on Friday, July 21 at TheKyShop.com and will run through Sunday at midnight EST. The in-person sale is Saturday, July 22 from 11AM-4PM

When should I expect my wares to arrive!?

WE'RE WORKIN' HERE! Only kidding. We are a small staff that often times moves mountains when working sales or Kentucky Strong initiatives! We are a fine tuned machine and will have your order ready as quickly as possible; however we will likely not be our speedy selves due to order volume! We typically hope to have all ordered our of our warehouse closed within 5-7 business days of the sale period closing! This applies for local pickup as well!

Is there no free shipping?

No, unfortunately it just isn't feasible to offer free shipping with exclusive sales and discounts. We are a small niche brand and just don't command the shipping volume to be able to offer free shipping during sales periods. We will be back to our free shipping thresholds on Monday, July 24! 

Do you all give free high fives? 

We certainly do. Please see any of our employees or owners to redeem. 

July 21, 2023 — PeeWee The Horse