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Shipping Info

Shipping Information

Shipping policies & Times

While we try to be timely as possible in shipping items, please be aware that there are sometimes delays. Order processing can take 1-3 days during normal business. We ship all items through the United States Post Office and in most cases if you are in Kentucky, your item should arrive within 1-4 days of time it is shipped.

Tracking Information

A tracking number will be generated once your item has shipped. It may take 24-48 hours for the tracking number to correctly show the location of a package.

Lost/Damaged/Expedited Shipping

Shop Local Kentucky is not responsible for lost, damaged or delayed shipping once an item has been received by the USPS. If your item has been lost, damaged or delayed, please contact your local USPS to correct the issue.

Overnight - Expedited Shipping

We do offer overnight/express shipping. Our daily cutoff is 12PM. If you order prior to 12PM, it will go out the same day. If you order after 12PM it will go out the following day. We ship from Lexington, Kentucky Monday-Friday. If an item is ordered on a Weekend, it will go out the following Monday.

Shipping Guarantee

We do not guarantee shipments arrival for expedited shipping. We follow the guidelines of USPS and if a package does not meet a shipment timeline due to delay by USPS, we are not responsible.

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