Slow down & visit Kentucky began in the fall of 2023 as an idea of taking my daughters and wife to locally owned restaurants that were chosen by our followers across social media and documenting the experience to highlight these special spots in Kentucky. Fast forward to spring 2024 and these videos have now been viewed millions of times across our social media and we will be launching a long-form on our Youtube in the next month or so.

Our goal is simple, hopefully drive folks like us who seek to live outside of the chain restaurants to eat at locally owned, small businesses across Kentucky. Now, we are taking the show on the road and traveling across Kentucky to show the world the kinda amazing chefs, support staff, and operators we have in Kentucky. 

We do follow a few simple rules for Slow down & visit:

  • The place has to be submitted to us. We do not research and seek out, we follow the advice of other Kentuckians who know! We may ask for recs from locals from time to time. 
  • We do not take free items or handouts. We pay for every meal as this is not an affiliate or a sponsored thing. 
  • We do not give bad reviews. Everyone has bad and off days. If we do not enjoy our experience, we simply won't post and move on. It is not productive to bash our own.
  • We do not announce or let restaurants know when we are coming. We want an authentic experience. 
  • Colonel Rick's Review - Rick is not an authority on the operations of restaurants and food preparation. He is an authority on awesome Kentuckians, and some social media. Take the review with the grain of salt. It means nothing! 


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