Shop Local Kentucky Governor Beshear

Today, we got the awesome task of dropping off a small check to Governor Beshear to deposit the funds y'all raised for the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund. Of course the whole family had to tag along! Lucy made the First Lady a necklace that she just had to drop off and the Governor was kind enough to let them sit at his desk and sign a 'bill' into law! A great experience and fun memories for these kiddos for sure!


That is crazy! We spent nearly 3 weeks printing, folding, and shipping Kentucky Strong™ because of your generosity. So, thank you so much for always showing up for your neighbors!

We will be bringing back the Kentucky Strong™ 270 tee back in late January in case you missed it and once again all the funds will go to the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund! We will also be coming out with new designs over the next few months that will continue to support this effort. As the Governor mentioned, a whole lot of folks show up to help in the first month or so, but when you look up in the following months, there is still going to be a huge need and relief tends to be slow, so we want to make sure we continue to support the efforts! 

- Joni & Rick -  


December 28, 2021 — Joni Paynter