Whoa! Y'all are amazing and stepped up huge for the Kentucky Strong fundraiser for the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund. As of this morning, we have closed the fundraiser in order to begin processing the massive amount of work we have in front of us, and to make sure that we are getting funds to those in need in a timely fashion. 

SO, we are asking for a little grace and patience this Holiday season as we undertake the fulfillment of Kentucky Strong orders. We are normally (It hasn't been normal in 2 years now) a staff of 20, and right now we only have 10 (4 full time) employees including our retail staff. We are absolutely thrilled to be part of this and so thankful for all of the kind words and donations, but we also want to be realistic that for our small business, this is an immense undertaking, so while our website and store will still be open, we are basically putting everything else on pause in order to print and fulfill this mission! 

We have only two printers currently working... Joni and I... and we are making it a challenge if ya want to tune into our stories over on Instagram! We have tens of thousands of shirts to print and working around the clock, we can basically print and fulfill around 3,000 orders per day, so this will take us some time! Please be patient as we work through this y'all! 

Thank you again for stepping up and helping your fellow Kentuckians in need!

-Rick & Joni- 

December 18, 2021 — Rick Paynter